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Issue after replacing document

A document has been renamed or removed before completing the project. After that, i couldn't export the document (only as bilingual). I have used Replace option, BUT a significant percentage of segments hasn't been translated. First issue i came across is sentences ended with ." For some reason Cafetran doesn't recognise them as a separate segment indicator by default (why??). Then, there are segments with abbreviations like Sanskr. etc, which i had to put together during translation. All in all 8% of 400 pages work has been skipped during replacement. I would very appreciate any suggestions how at least i could  reduce this number. Thank you! 

Regardi the abbrev. : add them to the list of abbreviations. Import the source again.

You can use this feature to quickly list all possible abbrev.:


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Solved it: corrected the path in .xlf, then replaced the document. 

The problem has uncured because at one point i've changed location of my Google Drive folder with the project, assuming that google path is a variable and the system correct it automatically for all programs...

 alwayslockyourbike, thank you for your suggestion, useful!

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