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F1 quick insert panel enhancement

While the Matchboard improves the visibility of various results and suggestions, including TM segments and fragments, hits, glossary entries, MT, etc. inserting matches requires the use of a mouse.

For keyboard users, F1 (and F2) represent an excellent alternative to display and insert suggestions.

I really like the pop-up and easy keyboard selection.

I suggest that this distinctive CafeTran feature is enhanced even further, by adding some configuration options to this panel (possibly making an entry in the Preferences).

Currently, F1 displays the auto-assembling and fuzzy matches (TM) results.

I suggest that MT suggestions are also brought in to the mix (as an option) for easy review and insertion.

Because auto-assembling is not always used (depending on project types or language pairs), I also suggest there is an option to show or hide it, just as in the Matchboard.

This way, F1 would bring even more power to the translator fingertips.

What do you think?

If this suggestion is being considered, I'd like to add the following to it:

If the option "Greedy exact matches" is lifted (disabled), and/or if more than one exact matches are present, is it possible to have all exact and fuzzy matches shown in the F1 panel, as they are displayed in the Matchboard?

Alternative exact matches are being displayed with F2 though (is it because the TM also stores Fragments?).

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