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Request/Suggestion for making CafeTran suitable for academic/scholastic work

 Just a quick development request/suggestion. I have been review numerous CAT platforms lately and noticed there is a feature missing from all of them; namely, there is no way to add then export footnote/endnote annotations.

This is an essential feature that is needed by academic/scholastic translators like myself and I believe it is preventing us from migrating from word processors to CAT platforms such as CafeTran.

The best application of this feature would be to enable footnotes/endnotes directly into the segments in the editor window and then give the option for translators to include the notes in the TMs or just in the exported document.

The next best option would be to export the current segment "notes" feature as comments in the exported document, as it is easy to convert comments into foot/end notes with a macro. Although this wouldn't be the ideal workaround because it wouldn't place the note precisely and one couldn't add more than one note per segment, but it would at least be workable.

It is surprising that most CAT platforms that I tested don't allow for comments to be exported with the final document, as I would think this would be a fairly minor addition to the code. So far the only one I found that does is SDL Trados, which is a platform much too expensive to use. 

So I am just mentioning this, as it would open your platform to a lot of users as it is a feature that is lacking in most CAT platforms.

If this feature is possible in CafeTran with a setting or macro that I am not aware please let me know.

Best wishes,


Hi Celso,

While I don't think the footnotes/endnotes feature you describe is currently implemented in CafeTran, the "next best option" is, namely export segment Notes as Comments.

For Office (or at least MS Word/LibreOffice Writer) documents, you can use Project > Export > Export current document with notes OR Export all documents with notes.

The segment Notes will be exported as Comments. The author name for these comments is defined in Edit > Preferences > User ID.

If you try this feature, is it good enough for you and for academic/scholastic work?

If not, I hope the developer can implement the footnotes/endnotes suggestion.

I don't think Notes are stored in TMs though.

Best wishes,



*Edit > Preferences > General > User ID.

Aha! On my first pass I did not see the alternative export command--i just hit the "export" button which did not give the "export current document with notes" option, but now I see this option from the menu, my apologies again for assuming a feature wasn't available when I should have looked around more closely.

This is indeed a workable situation--although, I maintain my suggestion that developers either add a foot/end notes feature or a way to locate the comment at a specific location in the string of a a segment so that annotations can be created in more precise way.

But this is definitely a good start and makes CafeTran a viable platform for academic/scholastic work. I will make a brief tutorial for this and add it to my translators forum.

Thanks again for the tips, and your help answering my questions.

Best wishes,


There are macros out there (maybe even on my hard disk) that convert all text in MS Word documents between two arbitrary chosen characters (e.g. {This is a footnote}) to footnotes (or endnotes). These footnotes with markup would be stored in your Memory. You can also add them separately as fragments. E.g. to a dedicated Memory.
Just one approach for MS Word: // This can me done for LibreOffice Writer too.

Hi alwayslockyourbike,

This looks like a great macro and I will give it a try, thanks for sharing! I was aware of some macros like this, I was using one called "notestripper" but is a bit buggy and sold by a developer in a package for 30$, but this is definitely just a snippet of code that is needed that I hadn't worked out myself yet, so thank you very much for this link. I will test it out and if it is a good workaround I will recommend it in my forum and tutorial.

Still it would be great someday to have this feature built into the platform.

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