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Tips for Tibetan Language

 I just wanted to share some tips here for anyone happening to be translating from Tibetan.

1) Initially, the font won't display in the CafeTran windows you will need to go to View -> Font and change all the appropriate windows to a readable Tibetan-Unicode font. I suggest "Microsoft Himalayan" or "Jomolhari"

2) Initially, the fuzzy match recall will not work properly for your TMs because CafeTran is reading the tseks as characters and not word delimiters. To fix this you will need to go to Edit > Preferences > Memory, and add U+0F0B (the unicode # for a tsek) as "Additional space characters". You will now be able to get fuzzy matches from your TMs.

3) I haven't texted yet how the tseks and shays interact with glossary files, so if you have tested this and have any insights please add them to the thread here.

If you would like to join my Google group for discussing/sharing CAT tools, resources in Tibetan language translation, please email me at and ask to me join the group.

Best wishes,


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