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Question on auto-propagation (?) of numbers

I'm not sure if this is a new behaviour (I think so), but in my current project, all segments containing numbers have been filled in automatically – ignoring tags which happen to sit in the middle of many of these numbers. (I'm not sure what the significance of these tags is – there's no format change in the original pptx file.)

This is clearly undesirable. Why is it happening? How do I stop it? Should whatever mechanism is leading to this behaviour be modified to exclude segments with (non-segment end) tags?


If the auto-propagated number contains a tag, you need to insert the tag during review/QA. I think it is still faster to handle than the suggested prevention of the auto-propagation of numbers with tags.  Or just disable Auto-propagation of numbers (and possibly nontranslatables) in Preferences > Auto-propagation for this project.

Hi Igor,

I have autopropagation of both numbers and non-translatables disabled (always). (That was the first thing I checked.) That's why I was confused as to why they had been filled in. Given this, why has this been filled in?

As for benig faster: without this I could simply skip all number only segments – which is definitely much faster than messing with tags.


> Given this, why has this been filled in?

In this case, another number auto-transfer option might have triggered.  See "Transfer numbers to matches" in Preferences > Auto-assembling. During segmentation, it checks if the given segment is a number and transfers it to the target segment automatically. 

> without this I could simply skip all number only segments

It is a good idea. However, I noticed some users translate numbers anyway - transfer them to the target segment, without realizing  that one can skip them leaving such segments empty in CafeTran projects.

Thanks Igor, that must be the option I've missed.

Perhaps the wording of this option could be clarified – I assumed it simply meant that numbers were transferred during auto-assembling (which sounds good), rather than inserted during segmentation (which is clearly bad for my use case).


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