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During a translation, a page from the original document is no longer required

Please advise the best way to deal with an unwanted page from the original document;

- Just don't translate it?

- Create a new project with the page deleted?

- other editing tool?

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One of the best ways is to edit the source document in the original software program (as in remove the unwanted page from it), and then use the "Replace document" feature in CafeTran.

Project > Replace document = Replace the currently-translated source file in the project. The Project Dashboard will be presented, where files can be browsed, or drag-and-dropped to replace the source file. 

To avoid any issues, please edit the source document outside of the CafeTran Project folder. Don't edit the source document found there.

It is also good practice to copy the project folder before this action. Make sure you make a backup.

Finally, please note if the source file produces has many tags, please be advised you may need to add them or correct them in the target segments.

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