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Suggestion: give functions to keys "left" and "right"

Hi Igor, everyone,

I would like to suggest the simple feature of giving a function to the keys "left" and "right". Speaking as a Mac user, usually these two keys make you go to the beginning or end of a sentence.

This is useful in CafeTran when the cursor is on a new segment and especially when that segment has been filled with a TM or MT. For instance, it might be useful to reach the beginning of a segment in order to change the caps from lower to higher, or vice-versa. It happens all the time, to me. Secondly, when you need to insert one or two words at the beginning of a segment. 

Unless I'm mistaken, there is no key nor shortcut that allows you to rapidly move to the beginning or end of a segment. I feel almost ridiculous asking this, because it is so simple, but at least for my personal uses it would reduce keyboard times and numbers of clicking, which is relevant to alleviate wrist tensions etc.

Just a thought. 



Not sure about the keyboard of any MacBook, but on my extended keyboard it's the ↖ and ↘ keys.

If these keys aren't present on your mobile Mac, you can use to redefine any key or I'm happy to help you out with setting up the latter.

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FN key + arrow up and down should place the cursor at the start and end of the segment.

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Even simpler :)

So, I totally meant UP and DOWN instead of LEFT and RIGHT (of course, it wouldn't make sense otherwise)

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