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Cafetran weird synch between Windows and Linux

Background: I have a network of several Windows PCs connected through a wired LAN, and use Syncback to synchronize everything that is synchronizable as a security means in case of failure. I've been doing so for at least a decade now with the utmost satisfaction.

Recently I added a Linux PC, which I keep synchronized with the Windows PCs, and plan to use Linux more and more. 

Problem: While synchronization with all other app files is working as expected, with CTE it happens that even if one file only is modified on the Linux side, being it a glossary, a memory, a project file or whatever, when starting synching at the end of the day ALL files are copied from Linux to the Windows side with the time stamp of the only modified file. In other words, instead of that single file, all files in the Cafetran file folder are copied en masse over to Windows. therefore losing the correct time stamp of the untouched files.

This is happening only with Cafetran working files, which on both Windows and Linux are on a separate internal HHD. What might be the reason?

When you exit the program,  the whole project (project files) is saved to make sure all the changes (e.g. to project segments, glossary, TM) are stored to the drive.  It might be the reason. Otherwise, I don't know.

Strange, it's not happening anymore. I observed this strange phenomenon three times and waited until the last one to create this post, unless I was allucinated more than usual (I don't think so).

The problem occurred again, but eventually I understood that the cause was an inappropriate use of user permissions between Linux and Windows across different file systems.

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