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SDL return packages

Two different customers have been telling me they have problems opening sdlrpx packages exported from CT. Anybody else with the same problem?

Perhaps it is Studio 2027 SP 2 or 2029 SP 1 causing the errors

OK, so this is isolated to return packages exported directly from CafeTran.

It would be nice to understand which SDL Trados version(s) or SP are having this issue (if it's version related), and if possible, to have CafeTran export return packages directly with no complaints, as before.

After all, not everybody has access to an SDL Trados installation.



But in fact, it was happening before the last major Studio update, as I updated to the latest version to see if that would solve this issue (it hasn't).

I have the same issue and don’t own Studio (I work on Mac OS). The return package can’t be imported, but the sdlppx opens just fine. For those who manage to send a sdlprx, do you take any special steps? The client asked me to check my settings and see if these could be fixed.

Are you using the newest version of CafeTran Espresso 10? An issue regarding the creation of return packages has been solved some weeks ago. Please update your CafeTran Espresso 10 and retry project creation.

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Thanks, I haven’t updated in a couple of months. I’ll do that!

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