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Editor not adjustable

In my new Linux installation I can't adjust the source-target relative length with the slider. Now it's permanently like this:


In Windows the slider works normally. Might this be related to the fact that the source segment is Japanese? 

Jean, how about your Linux installation?

I had reported this a few days ago:

but this was temporary for me. I have since been able to resize the editors whatever the layout.

Try resizing the editors horizontally (if you have the Matchboard or some other tab docked to the right).

I should have specified that I'm encountering this problem when I try to resize the editor horizzontally

But, I've just noticed that it's sufficient to resize just a little bit the general TB pane (which in my case is docked on the editor right side) to have source and target automatically resize at 50%-50%. That is, I cannot choose the resizing ratio. Then, if I resize the TB pane again (even just a little bit), everything goes back to the condition shown in the picture above. 

In other words, the editor gets resized only by resizing the right-most pane.

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