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CT's Deepl spurts out weird characters, new install


This morning I started a new project in CT (Croissant with embedded Java). When I sent text to the Deepl window in CT, it came back with weird characters for the accented letters (in the Deepl Window and of course in the transferred text) :

"Dans cette leçon, nous commençons par étudier les différents types de fronts qui sont couramment analysés."

The Deepl site does not do that, so the CT implementation seems to not distinguish the right unicode. Is there a setting that could have been messed up when I reinstalled?


Mac with Mojave (French Canadian OS)

This is the third time I see this encoding issue brought up, the two other users are running GNU/Linux, so it's not OS specific.

Merci Jean,

I tried everything you suggested on the Proz forum to no avail.  I thought it had something to do with me switching to embedded Java or installing from scratch after renewing my licence a few days ago. But it seems this happened overnight to others who did not upgrade/update.

I'm only using the CT web implementation, not the API with key version (not available in Canada last time I checked). Wonder if this would make a difference.

hi Julie,

The API key version uses UTF-8 as well (this is why I mentionned it in the other post), but all the reports are for the web version inside CafeTran.

I shared the link to the other post to show this is not a separate occurrence, so that the issue is given higher priority, since it affects several users, and at least in two different OSes.

I can't reproduce the issue myself, though, so it might be tricky to troubleshoot/isolate further.

I just tried Google Translate from CT's web interface and there are no weird characters from that translation service.

I wonder how many people are affected by this!

No problems here, at least not in the past week. How about setting the language combination via the selection boxes, instead of Automatic. Then restart CTE

The issue is with the Web version, not the API version.

The character encoding issue on website (only with the accented charactes in the target language box) appeared last week without any change or update to CafeTran or Java - CafeTran uses Java web component to display web resources. It makes me think that changed something on their site. What is puzzling is that not all users seem to be affected. Are you sure the target language box on website display accented characters (e.g. in French, Polish or German) correctly?  If  it works just fine, can you attach a screenshot here? Perhaps one of their servers has this issue? I submitted a support ticket to to report this issue. The issue does not affect Machine Translation service accessed via their API key.

Hi Igor,

Here are two screen shots with the same text. One directly from DeepL's website and the other from CT.  As a side note, I just wrote to DeepL to ask when the pro version would be available in North America. I received this answer "We are currently experiencing an overwhelming demand for our products. Thank you for your understanding in the event of any delay in processing your ticket." Maybe they broke something!!

(740 KB)

Did anyone find a solution to this issue yet? I have not. And, of course, living in the US, I too cannot obtain the Deepl Pro version

Still jumbled after an OS X routine update! 

Igor, any news from DeepL or a hint as to what causes this?


The issue with jumbled accents on website (target language box only) is tricky. It seems to have occurred all of a sudden on Linux, Mac. Windows systems with no update to the system, CafaTran or Java.  I contacted the support twice. First, they said they did not change anything. And then a few days later, I was informed about their site modernization. It looks like we need to wait for a Java update to catch up with the change as the web browser component implementation is part of Java/JavaFX software.  

What is interesting that some users don't experience it (or perhaps they haven't noticed it in the target language box on page?)  The users for whom the accented characters are displayed just fine on site inside CafeTran might confirm it with the screenshot here. Thanks!

Hello Igor,

For obvious reasons, I only use Deep's Web interface in CafeTran while connected to my DeepL Pro credentials.

I have disconnected from DeepL Pro to test this, and can now confirm the following:

When I am not using my DeepL Pro credentials, I can reproduce the encoding issue with inside CafeTran.

When I am using my DeepL Pro credentials, there is no encoding issue.

See attached screenshots.

Note: Please note I'm only speaking of the Web version, not the API version.

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Tried DeepL from inside CT this morning and bingo the encoding problem seems to be gone. No weird characters. Hopefully, it will remain like that! Didn't change anything on my end, so DeepL must have done something. Anyway, it's good news for those who still can't access the Pro version.

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