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Lame question: how do I pre-translate with MT?

Ok, this question is probably too dumb to ask, but I actually didn't find the answer after about 30 minutes of search and 20 minutes of looking in the interface.

I have a working DeepL API on the board, but I just don't know how to use for pre-translating a document I already uploaded to the software. I read something about Total Recall, but there doesn't seem to be an option for that in there. Or maybe I'm missing something?

Will be grateful for a quick response - I really am desperate to liberate myself from both SDL and Kilgray, the sluggish, buggy pieces of...

Hello Ekhangel, sorry I've read your question on ProZ first and replied there:

Hope it helps!

Note: Total Recall is not MT, it is for storing (and recalling, obviously!) big TMs.

I suggest you also try the DeepL web version, in CafeTran. You can login to DeepL Pro with your credentials.

When you click on a word in the target editor, it offers alternative formulations, sometimes helping to further edit the MT suggestion.

For me, this to be the DeepL's main strength over other MT offerings, and I'm happy to be able to use it directly inside CafeTran.

Thanks a lot! That did the trick. I must say the pre-translation is very quick, even though I don't really need the TMX-es as such.

Hi everyone,

I have a question.

I've been using the free version of DeepL to speed up the translation process and I'm quite happy.

I've just bought a DeepL pro subscription (free trial) to see what the advantages are. 

The main thing I'd like to do is pre-translate the whole document in one go. 

I read Jean's link on Proz about creating a TMX... but I work on a Mac and I can't "right clic" in the DeepL tab... does anyone know how to help me?

Thanks in advance! 

Right-click on Mac - Make sure you have entered your DeepL API key in the CafeTran Preferences. Creating a TMX does only work for the API version, not the web version. For more information, see the Machine Translation category - Especially, Machine Translation with MT Services -


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