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Hard return in the Editor

When a hard return is inserted in the Editor the sentence gets splitted in two lines. But in the exported document (Word) the same sentence is still on a single line and instead of the hard return there is a space.

Is this by design?

Hard returns in text files are simply new lines. But in Word and other word processing software they are paragraphs based on the given specification (e.g. <p> tag).

Naturally, a paragraph is a segment break so there is no need to edit it, and even if you need to merge to segments together, you can transfer the paragraph tag from source to target easily.

However, if you need to break your translated segment into more paragraphs than there are in the corresponding source segment, then you also need to add the paragraph/new line/hard return after the export.

The reason why I need to use hard returns is that for space reasons (I am translating a series of video captions) I need to split sentences into multiple lines, but still within the same segment. That is, I don't want to create more segments out of one.

Can I achieved the intended result by using the soft return instead?  If this is possible, how can I do that in CTE?

Thank you

In this case, soft returns won't work either. I would work around it by putting the pipe character | at such breaks. Then, after the export, simply replace the pipes with paragraphs in Word  

Thank you Igor. Do you think it might be worth considering to implement this feature in CTE so that hard/soft returns can be recognized as line-only splitting (not segment-splitting)?

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Coming back to this, the current behaviour is ridiculous. Ideally fix it so you can insert line breaks, but if you can't insert line breaks in CT, don't let us insert line breaks in CT! Naturally if I'm able to insert a line break, I assume I am inserting a line break, not just pretending to insert one.

I'm now wondering how many jobs I've messed up by not realising that CT was just pretending to insert line breaks.

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