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Licence renewal and Java



My first 3-year licence expires May 15th and I am about to renew it. I see that Java is now embedded in CT. However my current CT setup still uses external Java. I want to change that to using the latest CT with Java embedded. I see that I have to uninstall and reinstall CT.

In order to keep my “connections” to TM, glossary, spelling dictionary, list of clients and subjects, and preferences, what is the best order to do the following : 

buy and install the licence, uninstall CT, reinstall CT, protect "connections" to resources and prefs, etc.





Hi Julie,

Starting from CafeTran Espresso 10 - Croissant version,  the new installation has the latest Java embedded. Especially, Mac OSX users might benefit from it as it fixes some issues (e.g the freeze when choosing an accented character from the system pop-up box).  In your case, please make sure that you complete your current projects before re-installation. Then after you renew the license, please perform as follows:

On a Mac computer:

1. Remove from Applications - (do not put it to Trash yet).

2. Download ( and install the latest version in the same above-mentioned Applications folder.
3. Run it from Applications and increase Java memory if necessary. After restart, check in CafeTran's Help > About panel the max.  size of Java which is displayed there.

You can transfer your resource settings or files by copying the glossary/spellchecker/database files (located inside > Contents > Java > resources folder) into the corresponding folders inside the new installation. 

On Windows and Linux machines the above procedure is similar. Just back-up your current installation into another folder. Then, after uninstalling it and installing the new version, transfer the resource files from the backed-up (old) installation into the corresponding folders inside the new installation.

Don't run the backed-up CafeTran anymore. If all goes well with the new installation, you can put the old one to Trash bin.

Thanks a lot for the info. Sorry, I should have mentionned I am on a Mac. 

I'm in the middle of a small project so I'll try all this over the weekend. However, I have looked into my current contents/Java/resources/* folders and I only see my abbreviations and  placeables files. The Memories and Glossaries folders are empty. 

Have I been doing something wrong since the beginning!?!



For glossary info files, please check the > Contents > Java > infos > resources > glossaries folder.

Translation memories (TMX files) may need to be added manually via the Dashboard > Translation memories panel (see "Add memory" button) if the new version does not set them in the Dashboard automatically.

Perhaps the Export settings feature could be enhanced to Export configuration, including all auxiliary files?

CafeTran Espresso 10 Croissant would create a zip file .ctconf or .ctcfg that would contain the settings.xml and the content of the relevant folders where the auxiliary files are located.

On that subject, I suppose I can save my "preferences" with the "export" button and "import" them back into the new installation without breaking anything, since it is the same version of CT (Croissant 10.5), am I right?

First try without restoring. Settings are most likely still present

Wow, everything went smoothly. New version with embedded Java installed from scratch, new licence to boot. Settings were all there, I just added the glossaries. Everything else seems fine.

Thanks all.

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