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DeepL gets my post-edited segments?

I hope that this is a misunderstanding of the OP: Ich vermute, du nutzt Deepl zusammen mit der Deepl-API in deinem CAT? Deepl speichert dabei nämlich deine PE-Version des Segments schließlich in der Deepl-Cloud ab, richtig?

I assume you're using Deepl along with the Deepl API in your CAT? Deepl stores your PE version of the segment in the Deepl cloud, right?
Igor, does CTE send anything back to DeepL when you confirm a segment? I’m quite sure, it doesn’t.

From the technical point of view: no. The program calls the API. To send back the edited segment, there would be the need to "send" it actively back. The DeepL Pro users are also assured that the EU data protection laws are fulfilled.

> I’m quite sure, it doesn’t.

It doesn't.

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