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I can't export the full translation

I finish a 1-hour video translation and when I tried to export the .srt it just saved the translation of the first 20 minutes. The rest shows in English.

Please, how can I solve that, I need to send this job ASAP.



From the screenshot, its seems is 1% remaining to complete the translation, is anything missing? You can use Filter > Status > Untranslated segments or Action > Add segment to memory and go to next untranslated segment.

Second, can you run QA > Tags check? Tag issues may do that sometimes. If possible, also run a full QA > Check all check.

The first file is what you get once you press the Export button and export the project?

If the issue remains, you may need to open a support ticket, but today being Sunday, it may not be read until tomorrow.

I can offer to check this on my end if you want, let me know.

I guess the issue was some untranslated segment. 

So after a complete check, 

I manage to get the full translation document.

Thanks so much for your help.

Glad to hear it!

Hi Jean 

I had another issue today while exporting a .srt file.

For some reason, the first timestamp wasn't right-- 

I'm sending a screenshot so you can see what I mean--

and therefore I couldn't upload the translation to the video editor I was working with.

Do you know why that might have happened?

Hi Liliane,

If you open an SRT file in a simple text editor, it uses the following format:

Subtitle number

starting time --> ending time [hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds]

Subtitle line(s)

Empty line

Subtitle number, etc.


00:00:00,498 --> 00:00:02,827
- Here's what I love most
about food and diet.

00:00:02,827 --> 00:00:06,383
We all eat several times a day,
and we're totally in charge

00:00:06,383 --> 00:00:09,427
of what goes on our plate
and what stays off.

In its current SRT filter, CafeTran imports all the timecoding lines as Notes, and hides the line number and the empty line.

It does so for all timestamps EXCEPT the first one, which is integrated as text into the first source segment.

What you need to do is copy the source text for this first line, and only edit the subtitle text.This information needs to be transferred from the source segment. If you do this, the target SRT file will be complete.

So, in you screenshot, in the first segment, select the text in the target segment and press Alt+I (or the menu action Transfer source segment). Then, only replace the (vibrant music) part in your translation.

Transfer source can also work for transferring a portion of the source text, but for this first line, you can just replace what you have written with the source text.


To Igor (the developer):

In the SRT filter, I suggest hiding the first subtitle line number and importing the first timestamp as a Note, to avoid confusion. This way, each Note will be related to the current subtitle line. Currently, the Note shows the timecoding of the next line.

*Translate > Transfer source segment.

Thanks a lot.

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