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Saving ProjectTerms in a given project

Is there a way to save projects terms for a given project? 

So if I close the project, I could still have them when I reopen it.

Hello Liliane,


For native projects, by default, previously attached Project Terms are opened automatically when you reopen the project. This information is stored in the project's settings, so to speak.

When you create a new project with the Project Terms ticked, a .txt file for storing project terms is created in the created project folder. This is where you can find it, if you want to reuse it.

Do you also want to reuse project terms from a specific project in a different project?


If it's an external project, just make sure you tick the Project Terms in the Dashboard before reopening the project.

When you open a file created in another tool, CafeTran does not create a new project folder, it edits the file directly at the original file location. This is where the Project Terms .txt is created, if you tick that option.

If you wish to change many settings/resources between projects, you can use project templates.



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