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Is there a way to save a given setup

I wonder if you can help me with two (rather basic, I guess) questions.

The second: is there a way to save a given setup (including, i.e., a specific tab configuration with a specific set of glossaries or other resources) in such a way that, if I close and then re-open a project, it is restored back?

For this, the project templates are ideal. You can find more info about them in Jean's wiki.

For now:

  • Make the configuration that you like.
  • Quit CafeTran Espresso 10 Croissant.
  • In the Dashboard click on the ≡ button.
  • Choose Save project template ...
  • Assign a name that starts with pt_


Thank you! This greatly simplifies setting up projects. It works except for termbases imported in the project: is there a way to keep them too?


You are referring to the termbases embedded in SDLPPX projects?

No, I'm referring to sdltb files, which I import through
Mermory -> Import -> Import SDLTB termbase... 

Once you import the SDLTB:

Memory > Save memory as, and save the SDLTB as a TMX. You can then add the TMX to the Dashboard (make sure it is Read only, if needed).

Memories can be saved in templates.

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