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Strike-through feature


I'd like to know how you handle this function. For me it is very confusing and it takes too much time to find the differences. See these 2 examples. In the first one the new segment is very similar to the old one, but the whole word is struck-through, giving the impression that the words are completely different and in the second one you get at first the impression that the word "und Hitzequellen" has been deleted, whereas it is new and must actually be translated. Is it possibile to have different colors for this (e.g. red and struck-through for deleted and blue - but not struck-through! -  for new words, like in track changes in MS Word?). Another question: Is it possibile to filter on "locked segments"? This would be useful, as I recently had to check the segments which had been locked by the client and had to search the whole document for them :-)



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A better display of match differences has been requested multiple times. Igor, CTE's developper, is well aware that we all need this too, and let's hope that he gave it a higher priority.

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