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Qt linguist ts files

Could the Qt linguist *.ts format be added to the list of supported formats, please? The only other CAT, apart from the native tool which I don't want to use, supporting this format, is Swordfish, but I can't wrap my head around its filter functionality, so I would prefer Cafetran. ;-)
Also I could educate my client on how to handle project preparation of *.ts files themselves, and thereby spread the popularity of Cafetran :-)
Now they interrupt my workflow because I have to do conversions and analyses for them.

I would like to revisit my request, because as it appears it is even easier to implement from my layman's perspective than I thought.. Today I learned about the Open Xliff Filters published by Rodolfo Raya, the author of Swordfish. The filters are open source, so I asked him (see the attached screenshot):


The answer is affirmative, so Igor, what would stop you from grabbing the filter ( and implementing it?
Sure I can convert the files in Swordfish, because I have a license (but not everybody has), I would prefer to work in Cafetran.

> what would stop you from grabbing the filter...

Dozens of other requests and a bit of summertime. :) For now, you may try to generate the QT > xliff file form the free command line tool they provide. Thanks!

By revisiting the topic I did not mean to create a sense of urgency. I just learned that a ready filter exists and that its author allows you to integrate it. I have a license for Swordfish, from which these filters are taken, so there is no need for me to use the command line, though it is kinda cool and geeky ;-)

But many other peopleĀ  do not, including one of my clients, who occasionally burdens me with running the conversions and analysis of *ts files. They could do it themselves, if Cafetran had a filter.
Besides, don't you want to join the elite club of tools that can convert *.ts? Even Trados Studio does not handle this format, nor does MemoQ, as far as I can tell.
So, if you embed this filter at a more convenient time, I'll be grateful.

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