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What appearance settings are you using?

Just thought it would be interesting to discover what appearance settings other CafeTranslators are using to customize CafeTran to their liking.

Here are mine:

OS: GNU/Linux [Ubuntu 18.04, Desktop environment: Gnome Shell]

Look and feel: GTK

Theme: System (which inherits from the neutral dark gray systemwide theme I’m currently using - Equilux -, and along with the GTK look and feel, blends almost seamlessly with the rest of the applications), no Background grid and transparency.

Custom font: Ubuntu regular, to match the preferred system font.

Layout: 6 (mostly), with horizontal segment editors, often hidden segment buttons, and the tabs just below the editors when translating (bottom placement when reviewing).

Screen resolution: 1920 × 1080, dual screen or laptop.

Dashboard: Dark Dashboard, with custom images: using #3C3C3C color for texture.jpg, and the provided coffeehouse.jpg renamed as texture2.jpg. A script allows to quickly set the custom dashboard textures after each applied update.


Custom Dashboard: 

Translation interface:

I haven't found yet an ideal layout, but this one is the closest I could come up so far for best productivity:


This is on Windows 10, 24" monitor. In particular, I like having the project lexicon attached to the Matchboard in center of the screen, and the main glossary at full screen height for when hits are many (to avoid scrolling down too frequently).

The "problem" with CTE flexibility is that we end up demanding too much in our quest for the ideal layout, which on the other hand may need to vary depending on the actual project (at least this what is happening to me).

(155 KB)

And this is the Dashboard. Not happy, but better than the default one. On the other hand, we use to look at the Dashboard perhaps less than a minute before commencing the real work, so who cares?


It is a very good idea to share the interface appearance. Based on users' preferences, it can be easier to come up with the default settings. Thank you!

Hello Igor,

I'm going off-topic here (sorry Jean), but since you've seen my two screenshots above you'll probably have also noticed (in the first one) the issue I talked about here:

Please have a look again at the rightmost glossay tab: can something be done to make those entries more readable? (Thats is, not displaying the regular expression marks?)

Coming back on-topic, I wish one day CTE provided us with a system-wide CSS file to fiddle with.

Thanks for considering.

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