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Croissant 10.4.1 - Exporting Trados return package fails if file exists


I'm having an issue with the latest version.

I attempt to export a Trados return package and, if the return package already exists, CT asks if I want to rename the package.

If I don't rename the package (because I want to overwrite the old package instead), I just get an error saying:

"The file already exists"

This is on Ubuntu, if that's relevant.

Expected behaviour would be a prompt asking whether to overwrite the existing package, or something similar.

Overwriting the existing package file has been blocked intentionally as a security measure. It occurred (admittedly rarely) that the user had overwritten the existing original .sdlppx package with the same name and in the same folder during the export. It is safer to rename the existing file or delete it from the folder explicitly/manually before the repeated export.

Hi Igor!

Yes, makes sense for PPX packages, but not really for RPX (return)  packages, when you always want the latest version.

I've been regularly exporting the RPX during projects as a kind of backup, which is convenient if I need to check the round trip back into Studio.

Would it possible to turn this into an option, so you can allow RPX packages to be overwritten? Or maybe just a prompt asking whether you want to overwrite?


In fact, when memoQ does the same thing, (I think) it examines the existing package and overwrites if the files for export are newer.

Hi Igor!

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for changing this in the latest update.

Really appreciate your work.


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