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Display of terms with regular expressions

To keep my glossary size under control I make a lot of use of regular expressions, like this for example:

|cablagg(i|io) pre-assemblat(i|o)    (wire harness in English)

in this specific case I cater for the singular and plural forms, but sometimes I need to take care of the masculine and feminine forms too. The above shows how terms actually appear in the glossary pane and in Autotext, while the same term appears slightly different in the Matchboard (that is, without the pipes):

cablagg(iio) pre-assemblat(io)

To actually use this terms in the editor, the (i|io) part must be manually removed first, which is quite a nuisance. Hence my request:

"Displaying regular-expression-handled terms by stripping the initial pipe and all that comes after the stem", for instance like this:

cablagg pre-assemblat

In this case it would be only a matter of adding the variable part besides making everything more readable. 

Would it be possible?



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