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How to deal with these tags?

CafeTran Espresso 10 Croissant is almost perfect, and I'm extremely happy with it.

There's just this one tiny glitch that I'd like to have solved. I'm translating Transit files with constantly these sequences;


which translates to:


in the PDF.

How can I make that CafeTran Espresso 10 Croissant always places the tags correctly here?

Peehaps the whole sequence, including the tags, can be defined as a non-translatable?

CafeTran should be able to auto-insert the target tags even into such complex tagged expressions during auto-assembling or into MT results. Just make sure that the quotation marks are in your non-translatable glossary and marked in the source segment.  For now, you need to add them as a regular expression with the preceding pipe (e.g. |”), but in the next update you will be able to add them literally to the glossary.

Thank you very much!


> as a regular expression with the preceding pipe (e.g. |”),

Starting from 10.4.1 update, you can add single-character non-translatables without the preceding pipe (|).

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Great improvement. Small things make big differences.

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