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Adding a custom dictionary

Hi! I am using the LibreOffice spellchecker but would like to add a custom dictionary, making sure it doesn't remove the first.

Can I simply do Edit>Spell checker>Install dictionary? Hopefully it won't replace the LibreOffice one?

I would also like to add an "exclusion" dictionary so as to "force" the spellchecker to only use the variant I want to apply (often my native language has two spelling variants). How could I go about doing this?


> Hopefully it won't replace the LibreOffice one?

No, it won't replace it if another glossary has another language variant code (e.g. pt-PT vs. pt-BR).

As for the exclusion dictionary, CafeTran can only exclude words from spell-checking that are in your non-translatable glossaries appearing both in the source and target segment.

No. Same variant, two dictionaries. Does it overwrite?

Yes, it does overwrite if both glossaries files have the same names (eg. pt_PT.dic) after the installation, and probably they will.

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