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REQ: Terms with sentence marks

There is a term entry (suite) in my glossary. Strange enough, it triggers when only suite is in the source segment.

Any chance to avoid this (and for many other terms such as e.g., i.e., (see page, Any questions? etc. pp.)?

If you wish to match the sentence marks, please remove those characacters from Do not match list in Edit > Preferences > Memory tab > Do not match field.

Same as here:

Bonus question: How will this penalize my memory results? Especially this is not a stupid apostrophe, but it would impact most of the elements of this DNM field (also called box of the Pandora, not even by me). Won't this lead to an undesired dilution of my matches?

I don't know the answer to your bonus questions.  You need to check it for yourself whether you wish to match or not match those sentence marks as you call them - both in your glossary terms and memory segments.

So I can decide between 

  • hilarious, nearly arbitrary matches ("Let eat, Grandma" vs. "Let's eat Grandma")
  • precise term matching

Not the best choice. Punctuation marks can make an important difference, not always as funny as above. This might also concern negation in some languages. 

> Not the best choice.

I think it is a good and optimal choice. If you are not satisfied, please find another developer that can do it better.

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