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DeepL sometimes adds an extra letter to a masked non-translatable

DeepL sometimes (quite often ...) adds an extra letter to a masked non-translatable, which letter will be added to the non-translatable when you transfer it to the Target Segment Editor.

Could a fix be added, please?


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Make that: DeepL adds 'one or more letters' to non-translatables, often making unmasking of the non-translatable during transfer failing (Google Translate transfers fine):


Background info:

  • The masked non-translatable consists of two words (one word of four uppercase letters, space one word of 7 letters, starting with uppercase).
  • The whole non-translatable has been added as a regular expression (with \s).
  • The two parts have been added as regular expressions too (in order to exclude them from spell checking).
  • All three forms are listed via F4 (long form and the two individual words).

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