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REQ: Ignore hidden text in Word files

This morning I realized that CafeTran does not ignore hidden text /from Word files), but it that imports it. That's pretty hilarious. I always assumed it does not.

Can this please become a default or an optional import setting? 

Works as expected here.

You should send the DOCX to Igor, for investigation.

Indeed, already done.

Besides: The empty import options tab for docx files leaves some room for improvement (or it should be omitted, if without function).

Your file does not look like a standard MS document created in Ms Word. It is probably generated by another CAT tool which uses external Word processing library called Aspose.Words.  It is an interesting library to process Word files, but for now, CafeTran has its own Word processing/filtering routines based on Word documents created in Ms Office.  

But other tools have no problem recognizing and omitting this text.

> But other tools™

So using the other tools which rely on Aspose.Words library might be the preferrable option for you to recognize the hidden text in this document.

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