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Rationalizing the Matcgboard space

Only recently I started to appreciate entirely the usefulness of Matchboard, but I wonder if something can be done to rationalize the space it takes up on screen. For instance, my preferred translation layout is n. 6, with the Matchboard and other panes displayed right below the editing window and before at least two or three subsequent source text lines.

But, when a certain term recalled from a glossary contains several synonyms and each one is listed in it's own line, too much space is eaten up and consequently we are more likely to have to scroll down along the panel. Therefore, I wonder if instead of displaying a given term and its synonyms, let's say four or five, like this:


Synonym 1

Synonym 2

Synonym 3

Synonym 4


they can be displayed in a single line like this:

Term; Synonym 1; Synonym 2; Synonym 3; Synonym 4, etc.

What do you think? 

Difficult, as you need to know in many cases where the term translation comes from.

But there is really enough room for  improvement – I assume flexibility is the master word here to fit everybody's needs (e.g. top put MT only to the very start or to the very end is not a "flexible" choice). Another aspect is hovering: actually at least the other fields are shown, while one of the most important data – the name of the TB – remains hidden (in shortened view).   

In any case, currently you wouldn't know from which glossary the terms displayed in the Matchboard come from. 

I agree that finding the right solution for everybody is impossible, but in my opinion additional efforts should be done to better the way the Matchboard displays in a single pane so much information. Therefore, rationalizing the space it takes is just one step (perhaps including the possibility to adjust the font). 

I may be doing something wrong, but I don't have any issue spotting which glossary the term is coming form, even when using the shortened info on the Matchboard. I generally use the matchbar (which displays the full glossary name), but when hovering, you place the cursor on the term for which you want to see more information, and the glossary name is shown just there. If you don't like the shortened info, you can use the full naming.

Mario: Do you also use the Matchbar, which is integrated into the Dashboard?

Another alternative is to select the source word that is showing a match, and press Shift twice. This will bring the term matches for that specific word, and you can still hover over the results for the additional info on the top.

JeanDo you also use the Matchbar, which is integrated into the Dashboard?

I must admit that I have been ignoring the Matchbar, but for me this is not a big problem. Perhaps the jobs I usually process with CTE are simpler than others': for instance, I generally use one big general glossary only on the right side, and depending on the job one specialized glossary (sort of lexicon) which I display right below the Matchboard.

But the aim of my post was just to suggest a possible way to use the relatively small space offered by the Matchboard in a better way, in order to see at a glance as much information as possible without resorting to the scroll bar (when possible, of course).

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