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Filter > Origin > Fuzzy matches (<100%)

Is there a way to filter segments by fuzzy match? (considering CafeTran now recognises and highlights fuzzy match segments in red and with a match %)


Filter > Origin > No exact and context matches?

I assume this should be a kind of filter: "all (potential) fuzzies, not prepopulated yet".  

This would make sense with a new segment state "Fuzzy". Unfortunately we won't get this at all or only in a not predetermined future, if I understand correctly. This is a pity, as it excludes a quite frequent working scenario. 

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Jean, but I would like to tell apart already populated segments from my own translations.

These already populated, fuzzy match segments are recognised by CafeTran. They are shown in red with a % next to it.

It is important to have a tool to filter them, so as to be possible to check during QA whether they have been – as they should be – modified by the translator.

By the way, tool "Action > Skip > Auto-assembling and fuzzy matches" isn't working. It doesn't skip these fuzzy matches.

The above would work if a single action was added to CTE, and a preliminary match was conducted on a given TM.

- Translate > Insert all inexact [or simply fuzzy] matches (up to the fuzzy limit set in Preferences > Memory >Fuzzy match insert threshold)

I believe this would be useful indeed.

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I second this, Jean, but we would then need just another segment state for this, or would you really like to have them labelled as translated? 

Not to forget that edited and translated segments – unfortunately – have the same segment state.

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