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More terms …

In yesterday's 298th Tool Box Journal from Jost, there were some more thoughts about new Cloud TB terminology and term matching with linguistic-based search.



The first column shows the word in the translatable file; the second the existing terms in the (then: MultiTerm) termbase that were present in the termbase but were erroneously not detected as matches; and in the third column you see terms that now were detected with the identical source text and an identical termbase, only this time in the Language Cloud and with morphology support. It was not perfect, but clearly a lot better than before. And not only better, but useful. You can also see that it not only supports morphological changes (gekauft -- kaufen, geladen -- laden) but also compound words, which -- believe me! -- is especially helpful in a language like German.

The same feature is also available for term verification (you know, the previously frustrating quality check that typically turned out way more false positives than real ones).

To discover the terms above, you'd need more than prefix matching and word stems. Any chances for the future?

Ich antworte mal auf English.

There are several questions to pose:

  • Do I need this at all (answer might depend on source and target language)?
  • How can I use it without getting too much noise? 
  • Is there any external solution that might bring me closer to a solution for this?
  • Should this be part of the normal TB or in a kind of TB only with word trunks? 
  • Isn't it better to have more, but then more precise terms (I assume this is our case)? 

More examples:

  • Terms with several words where an interposed adjective avoids the recognition 
  • Often there are in FR composite words that correspond to one term in DE, e.g. numéro de téléphone. However, some people simply write numéro téléphone, or they simply forget or puzzle the accents (nearly endless possibilities: numero de téléphonenumero téléphonenuméro de télephonenuméro de télèphone etc. pp.).

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>Isn t it better to have more, but then more precise terms (I assume this is our case)? 

I do think so. Personally, I add alternative forms (plural, infinitive etc.) via macros. The 'new' feature that you can add multiple lines via the Add new term dialogue box, is very handy here.

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