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TMX memory for SDL memory

It's the first time that I noticed that when doing an SDL project CTE automatically creates a TMX memory corresponding to the imported SDL memory.

What's its function exactly? What are we supposed to do with it? I tried to attach it to the Dashboard and then opening it in the grid, but I get this message:

"An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x12) was found in the element content of the document." 

Not knowing what was happening I clicked "Cancel" instead of Remove.

SDLTM files present in Trados packages (SDLPPX) are automatically imported as a TMX in CafeTran when you open a package.

Leave them as Read-only, and use them alongside your other TMs. 


Thank you Jean. I didn't import a package, but the SDLTM directly. Still, if this is a normal TMX memory I am curious to know why it outputs that error.

I think you can safely try Remove.

Also, you can try pressing Filter in the TM options during the import and enable "Clean and replace foreign codes", and even "Remove internal tags".

Another option, try to convert the SDLTM outside CafeTran and import the resulting TMX. See the section "External SDLTM and SDLTB conversion utilities" in

If the error persists, Igor might need to take a look, probably best to create a ticket and attach the said SDLTM.

> why it outputs that error

SDLTM may contain invalid XML characters. As the TMX standard is XML-based, such invalid characters need to be removed for the conversion to succeed.

Thank you. So, clicking on Remove is safe. Good to know for the next time.

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