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Multilingual delimited text filter (similar to memoQ). Does it exist in CafeTran?


I’m new to CafeTran and trying to learn how to use it on Mac: I’m looking for a native MacOS app friendly to its built-in dictation. I have come across some issues in Windows under Parallels, which do not allow me to comfortably use Mac dictation in memoQ.

When testing CafeTran for that purpose I found out that the target box in this program behaves much like a text editor (e.g., capitalization and spacing are as good as in TextEdit), which is quite handy.

However, the interface is so much different from my main tools (memoQ and Memsource) that I’m struggling to import my first complex Excel file for in-depth testing (but I’ve managed to import it as a memoQ mqxlz package).

My question is: Does CafeTran have (or could it have eventually) anything similar to memoQ multilingual delimited text filter? Most of the time I translate all sorts of Excel files which could be as complex as: A, C, E etc. contain source text, while the target text should be put in B, D, F etc., respectively. Sometimes there are also context columns that should be imported for reference. I usually receive several such files in a batch and keep adding them to the same project for months. Is that possible in CafeTran?



Hello Andrey,

You can try setting up the appropriate columns in the Excel filter options when creating a new native project.

This lets you define the following:

Import source column(s), Import target column(s) [for existing translation], Import notes column(s), Export column(s) [for exporting the target text].

You can add files to a project: Project > Add document

Use the "Multiple document project" option to add multiple files upon project creation (choose the folder that includes them):

Thank you Jean!

I've managed to create a project and import the documents. It's good I can choose which columns to import from each file. 

I need to get used to this workflow and read the wiki before going further. It seems that CafeTran does everything a bit differently.

Thanks again!


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