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I noticed something odd. Non-translatables are not recognized, unless I enter them as regular expression (i.e. I enter the | character at the start). Not really a problem for me, just saying... :-)

This happens in the last but one update (at the time of writing, i.e. 23 March 2019)

Can you provide an example of such a non-translatable? Do you keep it in the glossary set with the option "Non-translatables fragments only" or in the default non-translatable list?  

I use the default non-translatables list. Nothing is recognized when entered as plain text

For example I had to enter this:


because a bullet character plus space were not recognized but neither was the word Metsä recognized, so I had to enter |Metsä

Not a big problem really,I just enter a pipe at the start and it works.

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