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Terms before an apostrophe

Now we are going to continue this discussion, but this time from another point of view.


  • Why is the term "motor manufacturer" here not recognized?
  • How can I make it recognize without creating too much noise (=too many falsely recognized terms)?

The same installation works for apostrophed French Fries terms like a charm (well, mostly vice-versa, as stated above).

As said many times before, this makes that the CafeTran QA for term consistency fails. Working with binding client glossaries? Can become a dangerous thing. 

Yeah right! I'm having this problem too, but with some other special characters, like "/"

Currently, you can achieve it by the Prefix matching option in Preferences > Glossary tab. Adjusting the prefix length there helps to determine the degree of "fuzziness" created by matching prefixes of terms. In some future update, a glossary option/field for defining additional word separators (e.g. forward slash ) might be added as well.

This is the problem I pointed out above, saying that certain settings – here: Prefix matching – produces too much noise. With standard settings (minimal prefix length 5) it doubles the term hit number from five to ten – for a rather short segment (60 ch.).

I assume there are many word separators that should be added by default, because this kind of "advanced" settings (still to come, indeed) should not be made for the happy few.

I remove the ’ from the Do Not Match characters. I assumed that this setting is stored in the Project Templates, but it isn't currently. Would be nice if it would be stored too, in order to have different Project Templates for different languages (and clients and fields etc.)

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