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Bug in "Replace document..."

 I experienced the following problem with the "Replace document" function:

I selected "Replace document", then selected replace document again from the next dashboard-style screen (BTW, why do we have to do this?).

When I navigated to the folder containing my source document, the document for replacement was greyed out.

I therefore pressed escape to exit the replace document dialog.

I decided to investigate, and determined that CT's copy of the source document had been deleted from the CT project folder (N.B. not my original source folder).

Becuase I use an NAS to sync between computers, I was able to consult the sync log which showed that CT's copy of the source document had been deleted just a couple of minutes earlier, i.e. whilst I was attempting to replace the document.

So CT is under some, unclear circumstances erroneously deleting the source document from the CT project file. I surmise also, that this occurred at the start of the proces and is the reason why the document was greyed out.

I was able to fix the problem by copying the source document back to the CT folder and renaming it as per CT's naming convention. I was then able to successfullly replace the document.

Well, one year latetr I see this still hasn't been fixed.

I had the same problem this morning.

This was a multi-document project, which may be relevant. As above, I was unable to select the required replacement document as it was greyed out. Of note is that CT deleted both of the two documents in the project, not just the one I wanted to replace.

Please fix.

I understand that the greyed out document appears in the File Chooser dialog as you select the file for replacement?  Then, CafeTran cannot access it possibly due to the insufficient file permissions in your system, or perhaps while the cloud environment is syncing it with your system? If this is the case indeed, there is really no fix as your system (or a cloud service) may not allow to access the file, which the grey color indicates.

Also, I cannot confirm the issue of two documents deletion instead of one in a single document replacement action. I am not sure, but again perhaps some syncing with the cloud service may be involved here?

Hi Igor,

that's not what's happening here.It's not a problem with a cloud service (I don't use a cloud service for my backup, I use an NAS with real-time syncing, but I absolutely don't believe that that's the problem), and it's not a problem with the permissions on my system (otherwise it would never work, whereas generally it does).

This is absolutely 100% a bug in CT.

It occurs to me to wonder whether CT is greying these out because it's expecting me to to select a folder rather than a file, as when I first set up the project?

I assume when you say you can't confirm the issue of deleting two documents, you mean you can't reproduce it? Once again, it's got nothing to do with śyncing with a cloud service.


I think I see the cause of greyed files. It happens if you select "Multiple document project" in the hamburger menu before you click the "Replace document" button. Then, CT expects choosing folders - not single files.  Please don't check this option during the replacement of a single document.

I admit this option may be the source of confusion and should be disabled at document replacement in the next update.

Thanks Igor.

Just to note, I didn't explicitly select the "Multiple document project" option, it was (presumably) already selected because it was a multiple document project (which I had set up in the same session). That's a pretty standard workflow for this feature, which I hope will be covered by your update.

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