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Question about abbreviations

Recently MyMemory has started to omit the full stops from e.g..

As this is a very easy error to overlook, I was looking for a solution to this problem, but I haven't been able to find one.

I've looked at abbreviations, but they don't appear to be designed for this (as far I can tell from the meagre documentation, they only affect segmentation).

I've tried adding z.B.|z. B. to my general glossary (my source language is German), but that doesn't appear to work.

Is there an easy solution to this?

Hi Jean,

I suspect you've misunderstood the problem/I've not explained myself clearly. It's about the German "z.B." (sometimes "z. B.") being machine translated as "eg" rather than "e.g.". "e.g." doesn't appear in the source text.

DE: z.B. = EN e.g. (= for example) = FR par example

Thanks nonetheless.

Right! Apologies about my misunderstanding. Deleting the previous answers to leave space for more relevent ones.

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