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Term recognition after slashs

Sorry for asking again, as this is not properly documented, but CT does not seem to recognize terms after slashes. 



In German we have the general rule to leave a blank after a slash. However other languages don't care (and even if, clients don't care).

I know that I can delete the slash from the "Do not match" field, but this is Pandora's box, it has many unwanted consequences. 

What can I do?

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It would be great, if this important exception (the /) could be hard-coded.

Torsten, do you have a photo of this rule with the space after the / from Duden etc.? Could you please post it?

Is it a micro space?

Uhuh, I was too fast (but I learned this somewhere).

Indeed there is officially no space needed in German (and there are some terms such as km/h, CDU/CSU where no space is allowed). However, I prefer it in many cases for legibility, or I replace it, as above "Ver- oder Entschlüsselung" resp. "Ver- bzw. Entschlüsselung".

Well, this makes this exception/rule even more important. 

BTW: When using suspension marks …, I generally set a space, and memoQ claims that it must not be there (but it must, indeed).

Just for illustration:


Two terms in the glossaries, no (reasonable) hit. 

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