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Clipboard sensitive

Hi folks! In the past, I used to use "clipboard sensitive" with "look up" activated. This made it possible to use "web search" in multiples web resources even when not directly working with CT (as I have to finish my projects in Trados, it was an ideal way to unify terminology). Since some months ago, when I try the same, the project grid gets filtered instead of looking up throughout my open web resources. Can I revert this behavior back?

Please check if you have "Resources" option activated in Edit > Find > Default scope.

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Default scope is "target segments" but I don't find a way to change it.

Just tick/click at the first "Resources" item in the Default scope (in Edit > Find...).

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Amazing! Thanks a lot, Igor! One more thing, are you working on getting a better/more convenient view of segment comparison in the Matchboard? (like showing punctuation differences and so on)

Such detailed comparison might be implemented someday in the specific TM panes where the matching results are displayed. I don't think the "patchy" and information overloaded Matchboard is a nice solution. If anything, it is not going to be the way any other CAT tool has it.

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