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Beginner issue - Working with a .sdlxliff file - final steps

Hi tech-savvy colleagues,
I am an experienced translator, but a very inexperienced CAT tool user.
I have been sent a sdlxliff file to translate around a week ago. I have managed everything so far and the file is translated and double-checked and ready to be delivered. Except that I don't know how I am supposed to deliver it.
The client asked me to "translate and deliver the sdlxliff file". I assume they mean I have to deliver it in the same format.
When I click on "export file" I get a message about QA. I perform the QA and then nothing happens.
I am used to working with .docx files and when I am done I export the file and a new Word file appears in my folder with the target language in the title. But now nothing is happening at all.
It could be that there is a technical problem, but I also suspect that there might be no problem at all except that I don't know what to look for. Where and what is the file that I have to deliver to my client? Is the translation saved in the same file that the client sent me?

I know I sound terribly naive. I hope you have the patience for that :)

P.S. I am working with Windows 7, if that makes any difference, and my CafeTran is NOT a trial version.
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> Is the translation saved in the same file that the client sent me?

Yes, in case of projects created in other CAT tools, the translation is saved into the same file ( e.g. sdlxliff) which you opened and translated in CafeTran. The same (translated) file needs to be sent back to your client.

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