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Machine translation question.

Hi all - if I choose different sources for machine translation eg. Google Translate, Microsoft Bing Translate etc. by ticking their respective boxes, how exactly does this work? 

Does Cafe reference all of the sources? 

Does Cafe have its own built in machine translation?

How do I go about selecting which machine translation I want.

I was invited to sign into Google in another dialogue box... not sure on what to do with that either.

I'm just looking for the best practice procedure here. The best base machine translation possible.

Many Thanks


CafeTran offers at least two methods of using online machine translation:

The MT Web Resources method is described here:

The MT services method is described here:

It also sports an Auto-assembling feature, which can be teamed with MT services.

If you use the MT services (API key) method, the MT suggestions will be displayed in the Matchboard, be sure to have that visible.


Many methods can be used to insert an MT suggestion. The keyboard shortcuts are found in the Translate menu, once you have set up the MT services in Edit > Preferences > MT services.

If you want a specific MT engine suggestion to populate the target segment editor when you move to a new string, right click inside the MT context menu and select "Automatic transfer to target segments".

MT engines context menu

As for the best base machine translation, you will need to compare them, it depends on the language pair, subject matter, etc. 

Official CafeTran Espresso knowledge base link:


Thanks for that info - much appreciated

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