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match percentage indication for project TM fuzzies?

Hi all, whenever a fuzzy match from my project TM comes up there is no match percentage shown in the window listing all the translation units of the project (top left window of layout 1) after I confirm the segment. This works only for Total Recall matches. It would be great if one could have this for project TM fuzzy matches, too.

Can you share a screenshot?

Here are some screenshots. In the screenshot marked "#1", selected segment 54 has been recognized as a fuzzy from the project TM with 86%.

In #2, the segment has been translated based on the fuzzy and confirmed with alt + down, but no percentage is indicated next to the segment.

In #3, I selected segment 54 once (making CT recognize it as an 86% fuzzy match) but then went back to a different segment.

Now when I translate and confirm segent 54 the percentage indication is gone.

Thanks for the screenshots.

So you are talking about the (percentage) signs shown in the Grid.

For screenshot #2,, I see it has two symbols: R and P (RP). R is for "Repeated", and "P" for propagated. Auto-propagation does not require any attached TM, it works irrespective of tm matching, and this may explain the lack of percentage, This particular segment (55) would be propagated if Edit > Preferences > Auto-propagation : Auto-propagation of non-translatable fragments (propably with Auto-propagation of numbers) was enabled. Here, the number 7 is shown with the violet background, meaning it is recognized as a non-translatable.

I'm not sure about screenshot 3 and the lack of percentage though.

Igor should probably have a better idea.

This is a native project, right?


Thanks for your reply, Jean. Yes, it is a native project. The issue is only about segment 54. I think that, after translating and confirming this segment, there should be a fuzzy percentage indication on the right side just below the segment number. This would be helpful later when checking the translation, showing at a glance that the translation is based on a segment translated earlier in the project. As I wrote, it even shows the percentage in screen 3, but unfortunately it disappears once I confirm the segment.

Best regards

CafeTran updates the fuzzy match status automatically based on the user's action taken on the given segment. If you leave the segment in its fuzzy state - unedited, the fuzzy match status/label keeps being displayed in the grid. However, if you edit such a fuzzy segment, the fuzzy status is replaced with the Human Translation (HT) status (if the HT option is enabled in View > Segment labels) or just cancelled.

Thank you for clarifying this, Igor. Now it makes sense to me. However, I think it would be useful if we had the possibility to have the percentage displayed, regardless of whether a fuzzy match segment was edited or not. Maybe there can be such an option in the settings?

I see that this has been implemented in 10.3, thank you very much!

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Btw, Jean, you wrote:

I see it has two symbols: R and P (RP). R is for "Repeated", and "P" for propagated. 

However, I am seeing only ‘RP’ and ‘R’. Did something change?

I am assuming:

RP = Propagated [but wouldn't PR make more sense?]

R = Repeated


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