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Update auto-propagation status in the Grid


The "R" sign for all repeated segments (including the first occurrence) is a great help when working with repeated segments.

Additionally, would it be possible to update the auto-propagation status to nP instead of P in the grid when it is manually disabled after auto-propagation has already taken place?

Indeed, in my workflow, I tend to manually disable auto-propagation not at the first occurrence, which is propagated, but at the next repeated segment that requires a different translation.

The R still provides information that the segment content is probably propagated, but if the auto-propagation has been manually disabled, I would like to see that information reflected in the Grid without having to use the source editor context menu.

What do you think?



PS: I'm especially talking about native projects. for which propagation status is saved across sessions. But since propagation information is crucial, if there is a way to store (or export?) that data for external projects, all the better.

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Implemented in CafeTran Espresso 10.2.1 Croissant.

I have reopenned my last native project, and can now tell at a glance (by looking at the grid) which segments have been auto-propagated and for which I have manually disabled the auto-propagation, Along with the repetitiion symbol, this makes a big diffeence for me!

Thank you Igor, for implementing this.

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