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Term or Fragment Matches with higher or lower priority

>Term or Fragment Matches with higher or lower priority of the given glossary/memory have the brighter or darker shade of its highlight color.

This is a nice feature that you can use in different ways. E.g. it lets you identify the client or QA glossary.

I noticed that both High priority and Medium priority get a shading that is different from Low priority.

In my workflow I use High for the client (QA) glossary, Medium for new terminology or terminology that is already present in the background glossary but should be used for AA in future (I regularly perform a glossary merging for this) and the Low priority for the background glossary.

Would it be possible to let CafeTran Espresso 10 Croissant only display the High priority glossary items with a different shading? (Instead of the High and Medium?)

This way I can still use all three priorities and still have the colour-marking for the high priority glossary.

I just noticed a very nice side effect of the new feature. Previously, Glossary highlighting would be shown on top of (through?) Memory highlighting, resulting in a bit of a mess visually. However, if you assign Memory to high priority, it's highlighting will now be shown on top of Glossary highlighting, which is very cool in my particular workflow.

Let me try to explain with pictures:





What am I looking at (I can hear you asking)?

I added the phrase ‘een knop in te blijven drukken’ as a fragment to a Memory. Previously, any Glossary matches (green) would have peeked through it, making it messy. However, if I set this Memory's priority to High, and the Glossary to Low, I get the second version, which is much nicer visually.

Interesting improvements are being added (see the posting about the Hi-prio colour-marking too).

BTW: The Dutch in your example is horrible. From Belgium?

It's actually Dutch Dutch, but inderdaad terribly written. Looks like someone was in a hurry to start their weekend ;-)

Yeah, lots of interesting stuff being implemented lately, and am currently playing around with priority levels again.

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