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Enhance adjust and punctuation to tags

It would be very helpful if the feature Enhance adjust and punctuation could be enhanced to tags:


Starting from 10.2.1 Croissant update, CTE should auto-assemble the tags automatically if you define such no letter characters as non-translatables.

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That sounds like great news! So all I would have to do in this particular case would be to add |\. to the NT glossary?

You might also add it in the literal form without any pipes and regular expressions.

I've just tested the enhancement. Some observations:

  • You actually have to use |\. (the regular expression), since a simple full stop in the non-translatables glossary won't work.
  • You might have to disable auto-assembling from the memory, since this can interfere with the smart tagging (if a longer segment spans a shorter segment that has been translated previously in the project and that ends with trailing full stops and tags, the tags and full stops will be auto-assembled in the middle of the segment and not at the end).
Thank you for the enhancement!

I added |\( and |\) for this particular job to the corresponding non-translatables glossary, and now the auto-assembling of the trailing sequence opening bracket–tag–closing bracket works too :).


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