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Character Count for Asian Languages


I work from Chinese to English. I would like to find a way to do a character count for only Asian characters (excluding non-Asian characters) in the same way as Microsoft Word.

This would help me get an accurate character count for billing and to see the progress of my translation.

Is there any way to do this in CafeTran, or could the developer consider adding this feature.



Any thoughts on this?

It might be implemented in CafeTran's Statistics function to count Asian (ideographic) characters only in Ideographic characters column when the set language is any of CJKV languages.

I really hope this can be implemented. It would be very helpful for my workflow. Thanks!

Thanks Igor for responding to this so quickly! The new feature works great. 

Would it also be possible to include the full-width Asian punctuation marks in the count (。,etc.)? These are included by Word in the Asian characters count and normally included in the billing for CJKV languages.

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