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Project templates

How can I create a Project template based on an opened project? I know how to do it through the Dashboard but I don't find the option when a project is opened.

Thanks in advance!


There is no such a feature yet. Project Templates can be created based on the current state of the Dashboard (not opened project).


To save the project settings in Templates:

  • Open a project with the resources you'd like to use and set the translation interface as you wish to reuse it.
  • Quit CafeTran and reopen the program.
  • In the Dashboard, check that all resources you wish to reuse are present, and that they are ticked.
  • Dashboard menu button > Save project template.

To update an existing Template:

  • Dashboard menu button > Project templates > select the one you wish to load.
  • Open a project, Quit CafeTran and save the template with the same file name.

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Thanks Jean! One last thing, do I have to load the template each time I open the project?

>do I have to load the template each time I open the project?

Nope. Only:

  • When you had to kill CafeTran Espresso 10 Croissant (e.g. because you made an awful mistake via Find/Replace and don't want to contaminate your XLIFF or TMX).
  • When you closed one or more resources or unjoined them during your session.
Project Templates are sooooo great.

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Nice! And last but not least, let's say I have project A and project B, each one with different template, if I close project A and need to open project B, the templates are saved per project? Sdlxliff always.

CafeTran does not store its resource settings in sdlxliff files.  When you switch such external projects,  you can choose the given project template in the Dashboard > Dark menu > Recent project templates.

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