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New glossary entries (in ‘New term’ dialogue) delimited with semicolons automatically split into multiple TUs in TMX Memories?

Hi Igor,


Just noticed that if you send a term entry to your memory, and have split the src or trgt into alternatives/synonyms using a semicolon, the entry gets added to your TMX memory with these synonyms separated by semicolons. It would be super-cool if CT automatically split such entries into multiple TMX TUs! Would this be hard to implement?


PS: I LOVE the new(ish) ‘Memories’ button in the New term dialogue + ‘Glossaries’ button in the New fragment dialogue!!

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Longer Memory fragments (or segments) being added via the New fragment dialog may contain the semicolon character as part of the phrase/sentence. Splitting at the semicolon here would break such sentences. Glossary terms don't need the semicolon as part of the term so it is handled properly there.

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