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Send memory to Trados


I just send my tmx memory for customer X to my colleague who uses Trados. he says, he can't use it. Did I do this wrong.

How to a send a cafetran memory to my colleague who uses Trados?

Thanks for your help and kind regards from Nicolette

In CafeTran, export your project using:

Project > Export and exchange > To TMX memory

and send the resulting xxx.tmx file to your client. Assuming you mean they have a version of SDL Trados Studio, your client can then very easily import this .tmx translation memory into a Studio translation memory (.sdltm).


Hi Michael and all,

Thank you very much for your help.

my collegue doesn't get it. I remember tmx import and export as THE easy standard feature. Does anybody here remember what you have to do in the Trados Studio SDL Menue for importing tmx-files?

He is worried about tags etc. and now asked mimt to import my tmx file into his Trados sdltm-file and then send it back to him. I don't even know, if this is possible.

Or can I export my Cafetran memory as SDLTM-file?

Kind regards


Eh, am I right assuming that you must have the "Processing tags" field clicked to assure compatibility with tags?

However, you cannot import into a or export as a SDLTM file if you do not have Studio (or you must play around with database software, this is possible if you are nerd and brave enough and have experience with SQLite).

Import in Studio 2019

  • Choose Translation memorys (sic!) in the box at the left bootm
  • Open a memory or create one ("New" on the ribbon)
  • Choose "Import" (below "New") on the ribbon and follow the wizard, that's it

Possible problems

  • Tags (see above)
  • wrong language coding (e.g. EN-GB/EN-US/only EN) in the settings
  • Segmentation issues when applying a TM from native CT projects on Studio files (100 % matches in CT ≠ 100 % matches in Studio)

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