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Request: add all underlined terms to spellcheck dic at once

Hi, there are many terms that Hunspell does not recognize and when there are like more than 5 underlined terms in the target segment, adding all of them one by one is tedious. Especially because one has to click twice on an underlined term, once left and once right, to make the spellcheck popup menu appear, to be finally able to add the term.

Of course I could press ctrl + shift + s after every such term and then add it, but this interferes with my workflow. I prefer first finishing the sentence or at least a part of it before making all the red wiggle disappear.

So I thought it would be useful to have a key combination one can press to add all the terms in the target segment at once.

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It would also be great to be able to make the spellcheck popup window appear only by right-clicking on a term, even if the cursor is located elsewhere. As it is now one has to left-click on a term first to place the cursor on it, then right-click to make the menue appear.

One alternative would be to use Task > List words with unknown spelling.

This gathers all target words with unknown spelling in the target language in one place. Just press the word or words you wish to add to the spell checker, and it will be added.

Ctrl+Click on the unknown word filters the instances of the word, so you can see the occurences in-context.

Of course, this actiion is more relevant at a later stage of the project.

Thank you Jean, I'll give that a try!

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